Buttholes Live in 85

Great concert footage (though nothing of them at their wildest, alas). Amazing small venue stuff with double drumming. Paul Leary looks absolutely evil when he plays and Gibby looks like something that shambled out of lunatic asylum. Fantastic, hypnotic songs (of course).
The interviews in between are hilarious. Mostly, Gibby (clearly drugged out of his mind) rambling nonsensically while the others eat pizza and look bored. That poor interviewer. It’s amazing to me the cheesey bands that flower and get hugely successful, stadium-selling careers, while the Surfers, one of the most innovative, brilliant bands of all time, remain locked into playing smaller gigs. NO ONE argues that they are geniuses. I think its just a matter of accessability. They may have been too brilliant, too far ahead of their time. No matter. Time reveals all.

Possibly the strangest part of this DVD is the (extraordinarily brief) clip of an early, early Surfers gig. We see an astonishingly clean-cut, handsome, well-spoken, and flustered Gibby pleading politely with a crowd to please stop throwing things at the band. Wow. Amazing what time can do!

The whole shebang is HERE