Check out No Anthems by Sleater-Kinney

This album is getting a lot of critical acclaim. I guarantee this is not the record you’d find on their turntable if you snuck in. There are great songs on it. I’ve always found them hard to listen to. The vocals are pretty horrible. There, I said it
I prefer someone like P.J. Harvey. She can challenge your ears too. But, her songs, for the most part, are listenable. They have similar voices. Miss Harvey has a better band, I guess.

Lou Reed calls Beatles “garbage”

Watch Lovably Cranky Lou Reed Call The Beatles “Garbage” In Lost Interview: Gothamist –
I wasn’t a Beatles fan. I was into Motown and The Stones. I felt the  Beatles were a boy pop band designed for little girls, which they were in the beginning. I wonder if there ever can be a pop band like we have now transcend into something that changes the world. I don’t know if that can happen anymore.
Lou changed the world a little too. I’m not sure it was the same kind of positive effect, in terms of lifestyle. In terms of music, his influence has definitely been positive. I don’t think he made much great music. He had his moments. He started from a different place altogether… Not just longitude and latitude. Lou wrote about where he came from. The Beatles were never real like that. John was, in a different way. George believed in a lot of what he wrote about… it was pretty spiritual music. Lou never even tried to be pretty. When he was, it was great. “Satellite of Love”  comes to mind. But Lou really revelled in his dark image. The Beatles were too clean and nice for all that.

Check out Bold As Brass by Split Enz

I first heard this record in Houston. It was around 1980. They would soon have  a few hits, break up, Neil forming Crowded House, and Tim (the eccentric, far more interesting brother) had varied successes. These early records haven’t been heard by Americans. I think, if you like the Beatles, ELO, Supertramp, you will be pleasantly surprised by the genius of their first two records. Neil took them to the charts. Tim took them to different planets. Both are amazing, underrated songwriters.
Listen to this and the first one. It’s a true musical journey through very strange avenues of pop inventiveness. I promise.