Check out Howlin’ at the Moon by Concord America

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I’m gonna turn you on to some great garage punk chaos over the next few weeks.
We’re starting out with a brutal bash of noisy goodness by Concord America.  Never heard of them?  Me neither… Until last night.
And, man, they’re good.
Scuzzy, dirty, fucking rock and roll. Almost every cut on this record is  great. Stream it on Google play or Spotify.

Modern/Retro Guilt: Beck-Style

Beck’s new album Modern Guilt, produced with Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton, will be released July 8, 2008.

The new album contains 10 new songs, and with the exception of last year’s Grammy-nominated, digital-only single “Timebomb”, Modern Guilt is the first new material Beck has written since the prolific stretch that produced 2005’s platinum Guero and 2006’s universally acclaimed The Information.

Modern Guilt is a tightly assembled group of songs that range in lyrical tone from introspection and social commentary to off the cuff wordplay and lighthearted humor. Musically, the album’s ten tracks vacillate between economy and experimentation, hybrid and pop classicism, while consistently manifesting Beck and Danger Mouse’s shared interest in psych-rock, folk, electronic minimalism and orchestration.

Beck is about to embark on a tour of the UK and Europe, followed by a number of US headline and festival appearances, culminating in Beck’s biggest hometown headline show to date, September 20, 2008 at the Hollywood Bowl.

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Heavy Trash – Pick It Up

The actual title of the CD and vinyl is Heavy Trash – Going Way Out With Heavy Trash [2007]

The bastard cousin to Jon Spencer’s genre-demolishing Blues Explosion, Heavy Trash features Speedball Baby’s guitar brawler and producer extraordinaire Matt Verta-Ray in a project that drinks down the best of roots, R&B and rock-a-billy. Going Way Out with Heavy Trash, the second offering from these kings of buzz saw guitars and late night incantations, was recorded in three different countries and features an international cast of musicians – Canada’s The Sadies, members of Denmark’s Tremolo Beer Gut and Powersolo, and New York City’s Simon Chardiet and Phil Hernandez. Heavy Trash is what the name implies – filthy and hard – the soundtrack to the strung-out road trip from which there can be no return.

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Stephen Malkmus has never made a record that covered nearly as much stylistic ground as this nor, it could be argued, has Stephen made an album until now that packed as much of an emotional (not nearly trashy enough for some) wallop. “Cold Son,” “Out of Reaches” and “We Can’t Help You” are amongst the more gorgeous, contemplative songs Malkmus has recorded, though we should stress a) there’s no shortage of dark humor scattered through RET and b) Malkmus remains a sh*t-hot guitarist (ridiculously so).

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