Check out Digsaw by The Wytches

This band of young guys won a scholarship to record their first album. Other western countries support creativity. It creates a well – rounded smarter society overall. 

Let the children sing. 
That his age influenced by 70s hated rock, acid rock, like Sabbath and maybe even Alice Cooper. They make it their own. They cover T. Rex. They play heavy, slow, cinematic horror rock.  They play much you in the teeth rockers that the kida aregoing crazy in the pit over(do they still do that?) 

That’s a bit of a hippie vibe undercurrent. Listen to this track to hear one of their rockers. 

Great guitars and a Kurt Cobain wail. It works. It really does. So, then… Why do they get such mediocre reviews? Because these guys listen to 10 albums a day, do a once  over, take some notes and wrote some expert rot about shit they know nothing about, since they’re all listening to hip hop these days

Ttust me. This is a great album. 

And, btw, there’s a new one out I’ll tell you about down the way. 


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