Ian Hunter : He never abandoned us. We skipped out on him….And he was still making great records


Lead singer of Mott the Hoople,solid solo career. Rock & Roll Good Guy.He’s still doing it. This record album is good classic English Rock and Roll. He’s still writing good songs. You’ll find good stuff on all his records. 

That’s the one cool thing about streaming services.  You can stream an entire catalogue …listen to the stuff he’s been putting out while his career,explore three stuff that he’s releasing, now in the golden years,or reexamine the hit years.  I think the new stuff holds up .He’s sings in a very melodic voice  with that great gravel ,ala Rod Stewart, voice that hasn’t changed over the years, maybe it’s more emotional, mature. He still had those 4 chord rockers, I don’t always like them. But, they would work in the 70s.

His slow stuff is often fantastic, effective, sad, simple. 

It’s old school rock. Nothing fancy. No one is a virtuoso. The job gets done. 

He should write something for the Stones.

I know guys in Texas,Scotland, that would love it. He has very loyal fans over in England.Moody of the his who worshipped at the altar


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