Coachella is dead. Long live Coachella

I think the is year may be the worst lineup in an already declining in quality festival, based on past year’s boring line – up.
Its there any way to save Coachella?
We don’t need Coachella. There are great festivals happening all over the country, and you don’t have to go to the fucking desert to see them.
So,  this summer is filed with possibly better smaller and large festivals with better lineups. Some of the festivals are specific, for punk farms, or EDM fans. You can go and hear the music you Luke specifically.
Coachella is a mish mosh of too much of everything. There’s no coherence at all.

You have to sit through 12 bands that suck to hear the one you came to see.  Why bother?
I’ll wait to see Courtney Barnett on tour. I don’t need to see her in the blazing sun at 3 in the afternoon, or whenever they have her scheduled.

I don’t care to see DJs at a concert either. That, too me, is an insult, even to the shitty bands that actually write songs and play musical instruments.

So, as far as I’m concerned, these giant festivals are more of a pain in the ass than an enjoyable experience.


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