Heavy Trash – Pick It Up

The actual title of the CD and vinyl is Heavy Trash – Going Way Out With Heavy Trash [2007]

The bastard cousin to Jon Spencer’s genre-demolishing Blues Explosion, Heavy Trash features Speedball Baby’s guitar brawler and producer extraordinaire Matt Verta-Ray in a project that drinks down the best of roots, R&B and rock-a-billy. Going Way Out with Heavy Trash, the second offering from these kings of buzz saw guitars and late night incantations, was recorded in three different countries and features an international cast of musicians – Canada’s The Sadies, members of Denmark’s Tremolo Beer Gut and Powersolo, and New York City’s Simon Chardiet and Phil Hernandez. Heavy Trash is what the name implies – filthy and hard – the soundtrack to the strung-out road trip from which there can be no return.

Pick up yer trash here


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